OrganoWood supports Space for wildlife

OrganoWood support Peace Parks Foundations project Space for wildlife that are launching in the Swedish pavilion at World Expo Dubai.  Space for wildlife is a collaboration between Peace Parks Foundation and Umbilical Design – exploring technology from space to stop poaching and preserve biodiversity. At the world Expo we invite children and young ones to explore their creativity and learn about biodiversity, OrganoWood support the workshop with wooden rhinos for the children to paint on.

OrganoWood’s vision is a non-toxic society, to produce products that make an actual difference – which leads to a sustainable future. OrganoWood’s goal with it´s products is to minimize the use of toxic biocides and heavy metals, and thereby contribute to a better world. The threat to biodiversity is as acute as the climate crisis itself and it is essential for all life on the planet. To protect biodiversity and eco systems, hazardous substances in wood need to be prevented. In order for wood to be truly sustainable, it must be non-toxic.