Innovative project

Space for wildlife

Space for wildlife is an initiative by Peace Parks Foundation Sweden and Umbilical Design. It is a 5 year innovative project exploring how technology from space can stop poaching and preserve biodiversity.

The eco-friendly wooden rhinos are made by OrganoWood.

The project is launching in the Swedish pavilion, 19 October 2021. Welcome to join.

14.00-15.30 Workshop for young ones with Professor Jan Staël von Holstein

16:00 Welcoming by Krister Nilsson, State Secretary for Foreign Trade.
16:05 Introduction by Jan Thesleff, Commissioner General, Swedish Committee for Participation at Expo 2020.
16:10 Opening speech: Anna C Belfrage, chair Peace Parks Foundation Sweden
16:15 Keynote: Christer Fuglesang, Swedish physicist and astronaut
16:30 Launching Space for wildlife: Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design
16:40 Presenting the real picture about wildlife crime: Herman Stander, Peace Parks Foundation
16.50 Why we need space to create a sustainable Earth. Mattias Sundin, Founder Warp Institute, CEO Warp News
17:00 Panel. How space technologies can stop poaching and preserve biodiversity. Panelists: Cecilia Hertz, Programme Manager, Space Week Founder, Umbilical Design, Herman Stander, Peace Parks Foundation, Tina Sjogren, CEO Pythomspace. Professor Jan Staël von Holstein. Moderator: Konrad Olsson, Scandinavian MIND
17:30 The Mars Rover Show, by students from Chalmers.

More about Peace Parks Foundation  
Peace Parks Foundation Peace Parks Foundation was founded by HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Nelson Mandela and Dr Anton Rupert in 1997 to facilitate the establishment of peace parks, or transfrontier conservation areas, in southern Africa. Peace Parks Foundation recognizes the importance of conserving and developing areas, corridors and keystone species, regardless of political boundaries, to secure biodiversity conservation, which in turn is the most important foundation to ensure maintained, healthy and functional ecosystems – essential for the survival of all fauna and flora on the earth, including man. 
International site: www.peaceparks.org,
Swedish site: www.peaceparks.se

More about Umbilical design 
Umbilical Design was founded in 2001 by industrial designer Cecilia Hertz and has since its inception worked with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) on design for the space industry. Umbilical Design has also been successful in showing how design, technology and material from the space industry can be transferred to Swedish industry and society and contribute to sustainable development.
Umbilical Design is one of 15 European companies that the ESA has designated as Space Brokers within ESA Technology Transfer Network. Umbilical Design’s assignment from ESA is to oversee the transfer of technology from the space sector to Swedish industry with the overarching objective to stimulate business  opportunities by exploiting the materials knowledge, methods and approaches of the space sector.

More about OrganoWood 

OrganoWood’s vision is a non-toxic society, to produce products that make an actual difference – which leads to a sustainable future. OrganoWood’s goal with it´s products is to minimize the use of toxic biocides and heavy metals, and thereby contribute to a better world. The threat to biodiversity is as acute as the climate crisis itself and it is essential for all life on the planet. To protect biodiversity and eco systems, hazardous substances in wood need to be prevented. In order for wood to be truly sustainable, it must be non-toxic.

Do you want contribute or if you want now more about Space for wildlife, please contact Helena J Dahl: helena.johnzon@peaceparks.se